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Company Information:

RAR Enterprises has been providing clients with Consulting, Training and Auditing since 1992 and is a company that specializes in Integrated Change & Knowledge Management (ICKM) which helps manage the Clients and/or Suppliers Customers expectations for an integrated business solution while understanding the impact on the enterprise even before a Business Problem is funded and planning begins. This includes the capability of bringing different suppliers together (including Diversity Suppliers) in a consortium for reaching the goals of the Customer and supplying different approaches to the solution. RAR Enterprises can do this because of the over 40 years experience and a multitude of relationships in the Telecommunications, Finance, Insurance, E-Waste (BioSophia Flyer), Non-Profit and Manufacturing Industries that it can bring to bare on the business enterprise-wide solutions. RAR Enterprises also specializes in Project Management, Supply Chain Management, E-Waste Management, Training of various programs (Customer Centric Sales Management Programs, Strategic Sourcing, Customer Centric Methodology, Supply Chain Processes, OSHA, Safety Management, Solutions Sales Approach, Quality Assurance, etc.),  and Audit of the implemented solutions and/or processes for Clients and/or Suppliers and Customers.

Another part of the RAR Enterprises  offering is Change & Knowledge Management (CKM) which should be required by the Client after a Project has been approved and funded. CKM manages the culture, systems and environment changes and the Risk Management that encompass all projects, along with the Knowledge Management required to make those projects successful. The Gartner Group indicated that 70% of the projects fail because CKM is not part of the project infrastructure.

In addition to the previous specialties, RAR Enterprises also delivers Sales & Marketing expertise and methodology from the point-of-view of the buyer, how to communicate and present to Supply Chain professionals and Business Unit personnel (that have the budget) and Subject Matter Expertise (SME) on such things as Electronic Documentation Management (EDM), Electronic Forms Management (E-Forms), e-Commerce Services, Public Key Infrastructures (PKI) and Certificate Authority, CRM, Data Warehousing, Electronic Corporate Libraries, Customer Wellness, Electronic Records Retention, Network Management Systems, Storage Management, CMM, Security Management, Financial Management Systems using Standard System Development Life-Cycle Methodologies, Financial Services (A/P, A/R, Billing, etc.), Energy Systems, Telecommunications Systems and Re-Engineering of Business Processes and Organizations. These processes, correctly implemented, can organize and optimize information in an electronic manner in order to bring a company into a competitive position.

RAR Enterprises is a privately held company that provides financial and consulting services to clients worldwide.  Its financial division, BioSophia America, LLC, manages both funding and consulting for emerging companies, startups and companies in distress.  BioSophia America also handles Facilities Management, Property Management, E-Waste Management and Transportation Management for several companies worldwide.

Team Information:

Robert A. Rust, PMP, C.P.M.
(Executive Resume)    (Consulting - PM/SME Resume)

Mr. Rust is President & CEO of RAR Enterprises, Inc., retired from BellSouth in 1998 and has been a Senior Consultant for several Fortune 500 companies such as U S WEST, BellSouth Corporation, Ameritech Corporation, SBC, Bell Atlantic, AT&T, StorageTek, FileNET Corporation, World Financial Group, Entrust Technologies, AAMCO Transmissions, ArborText Corporation, JetForm Corporation, Shana Corporation, Sprint, United Telephone Company and several other companies and organizations such as PurchasePro, The Procurement Centre (TPC), Tanning Technologies, Consumer Concepts, Inc., NuPoint LLC, TesCom, Electronic Directory Assistance, Inc. (EDA), The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), the Joint Board of Family Practice (JBFP) of the Medical College of Georgia, Perot Systems, American Management Systems (AMS), KeyWord Office Technologies of Canada, Inforte and the State of Georgia and Texas.

Chris Kavaney (Resume)

Mr. Kavaney is a Senior Consultant for RAR Enterprises, Inc., and brings a diverse technical background with experience in multiple heterogeneous systems environments. He can assess, organize and direct project efforts as a technical architect to provide strategic solutions for a client’s success. Mr. Kavaney is conversant in multiple technologies: E-Commerce Services, Networks, Object-Based Technologies, Database architectures, Financial Management Systems using Standard System Development Life-Cycle Methodologies, Financial Services (A/P, A/R, Billing, etc.) with strong background in financial and marketing systems. He has multi-tasking project management capabilities and uses "best practices" techniques, as the engagement requires. Subscribes to the OSI 7-layer Systems Architectural Model for building, extending, and implementing solutions.  Mr. Kavaney also has a practical knowledge of Supply Chain Management and an extensive knowledge of the RAR ICKM Methodology.

Krystle Edge (Resume)
Ms. Edge is a Consultant for RAR Enterprises, Inc., and brings over 5 years of experience in Business Process Management and Medical Data Mining with a focus on Tactical and Strategic Planning associated with Business Plan writing.  Ms. Edge also has extensive experience in Data Management and E-Waste Management.

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