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Robert A. Rust, PMP, C.P.M., is the President & CEO of RAR Enterprises, a Consulting company that specializes in Integrated Change & Knowledge Management,  Project Management, E-Waste Management, Supply Chain Management and Product Management  through Consulting, Training and Auditing. Mr. Rust has been the Senior Consultant for several Fortune 500 companies such as U S WEST (Qwest), BellSouth Corporation, Ameritech Corporation, AT&T, US Sprint, StorageTek Corporation, FileNET Corporation, and many Fortune 1000 companies such as Touch the Future, Inc. (TTF), Friends of Disabled Adults & Children (FODAC), The Procurement Centre (TPC), The State of Georgia, Tanning Technologies, Consumer Concepts, NuPoint LLC, Electronic Directory Assistance (EDA), Entrust Technologies, Shana Corporation, ArborText Corporation, United Telephone Company, PurchasePro, AAMCO Transmissions, The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), the Joint Board of Family Practice (JBFP) of the Medical College of Georgia, Perot Systems, American Management Systems (AMS), KeyWord Office Technologies of Canada, Inforte, and the State of Georgia.

Mr. Rust was a Portfolio Director, Project Manager, Supply Chain Manager and Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the Information Technology Network & Procurement (ITNP) division at BellSouth Corporation, until he retired in June 1998 after 30 years of service. He Managed the IKM Projects and Web enabled distribution of that information for BellSouth during his last six years. IKM within BellSouth consists of 7 different systems, including EDM, E-Forms, Electronic Libraries, Records Retention, Integrated Publication and Data Warehousing (Data Mining), that organize and optimize information in an electronic manner in order to bring the company into a competitive position before the Year 2000. As part of these projects, Mr. Rust was on the original Team that indicated SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language) as the standard for Corporate Documentation in BellSouth, and has done consulting on XML for several companies.  Mr. Rust also helped manage and influence the Supply Chain Diversity Management Program under the Vendor Relations Group at BellSouth along with his involvement as Project Manager for the PASS System (access to the Small Business Administration database) for Supplier Diversity opportunities for BellSouth.

Mr. Rust has been interviewed and published in the InfoWorld Magazine (September 23, 1996 issue), for Electronic Forms Management at BellSouth, which rated fifth in the InfoWorld 100 Best Client Server Systems and saved BellSouth $17 Million annually; the InfoWorld Magazine (September 29, 1997 issue or for the MS Word version BellSouth EDM Article), for Electronic Documentation Management at BellSouth, which rated tenth in the InfoWorld 100 Best Client Server Systems which saved BellSouth $12.5 Million annually; the Information Week Magazine (March 23, 1998 issue), for his involvement in duel key certification within Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) at BellSouth for a trial on Electronic Approval of vouchers that saved $5.7 Million annually; the Purchasing Today Magazine (December 1998 issue, Page 1 and Page 2), a product of the Institute of Supply Management (ISM) for his article on The Technology Arm of Project Management written by Darrell A. Clark (ISM's IS Manager); and various other articles and publications.

Robert A. Rust, President & CEO of RAR Enterprises, Inc.

Mr. Rust has had 28 years experience with BellSouth, 14 years experience with various other companies (including telecommunications, Insurance, Financial Services and Transportation), 18 years experience with Supply Chain Management, 17 years experience with Project Management, 12 years experience with Electronic Information Management and 9 years experience with Supply Chain Diversity Management.  Mr. Rust is a Past President and Past Director of National Affairs of the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) of Georgia (previously known as the National Association of Purchasing Management of Georgia (NAPM-Georgia).  He is a past member of the Telecommunications Information Forum (TCIF) and sat on the Integrated Products Industry (IPI) Committee. He has also been Speaker at many affairs and conferences such as the Telecommunications Information Forum Conference, the National Association of Purchasing Management Educational Conference, the ISM International Conference, the Artificial Intelligence Conference, the Atlanta Software Symposium, the Documation East Conference in Boston, the Documation West Conference in San Jose, and SecureSummit in Chicago.

Mr. Rust has a BS in Psychology from Columbia Pacific University and a Masters Certificate in Project Management from George Washington University.

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