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Customer-Supplier Relationship Sheet

In discussions with many customers and suppliers within the technology industry, the above question is raised as to the value generated by engaging RAR Enterprises. The following two figures simply illustrate the traditional sales model and the more sophisticated sales model that RAR Enterprises introduces to the customer-supplier picture. Figure 1 describes that traditionally suppliers have a single point of contact with the end-customer contacts and decision-makers whereas the ultimate sales success hinges on this relationship.

The intersection of the customer (A.) and the supplier (B.) is the point that the supplier has to communicate and as a result, a tremendous amount of pressure is brought to bear on this intersection. This intersection is what RAR Enterprises calls the "single point of tension". For any number of reasons and factors (generally out of the control of the supplier) a sales relationship can break down.

How can a supplier bring greater control and rationality to their sales model?

In Figure 2, RAR Enterprises' ICKM Sales Model changes the traditional sales model by introducing a third component (C.) to the customer (A.) and supplier (B.) relationship. In effect, this third component brings a methodology, Integrated Change and Knowledge Management (ICKM), to the relationship, which diffuses the single potential point of tension between customer and supplier by allowing a larger solution service to be provided that fits the customer's unique problem sets. This methodology and process eliminates issues that the supplier may or may not be aware of within the customer's organization as well as "short circuits" time-consuming and laborious processes that neither party wants to participate in (like Request For Information, demonstrations, pre-sales conferences, etc.).

RAR Enterprises, is a privately held company providing clients with consulting services since 1992. RAR Enterprises is an Information Solutions Consulting Company applying Integrated Change and Knowledge Management (ICKM which is the pre-sale and pre-project process) and Change and Knowledge Management (CKM, which is the post-sale and post-project process) along with Customer Centric Sales Management to projects and purchases. These processes optimize information flows to bring a stronger competitive position and greater success to your company.

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