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Please send any requests from your company for consulting or services that are offered by RAR Enterprises to: requests@rar-enterprises.com or mail to:

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An RFI, RFP, or RFQ will be answered within 5 business days of receipt.

RAR Affiliated Web Sites:
International Electronics Recovery Coalition (IERC)
Offers E-Waste Management through an Association forum along with support for R2 Certification programs.
Touch the Future - ReBoot™
Offers Assistive Technology Resource Center for Georgians with disabilities, their caregivers, service providers, advocates, and friends.
BioSophia America, LLC
Offers Financial Services and Business Consulting to start-up companies and clients who's companies are in trouble .
Friends of Disabled Adults and Children (FODAC)
Offers Durable Medical Equipment to clients in need at no or very little cost to the client.
Peak Resource Group
Offers technical resource personnel that can be utilized on projects or permanent positions.
Dowlinger Group
Offers its customers reliable and environmentally conscious means of disposing of their obsolete, broken or unwanted electronics (e-waste).  The primary concern at DEG is to ensure that the clients disposal needs are handled in an environmentally safe and secure manner.
A Internet Marketing and Tourism site for the State of Georgia.
ISM of Georgia (formally NAPM of GA)
The Georgia Institute of Supply Management Affiliate site, of which Bob Rust is Past President and Past Director for National Affairs.
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